Killing it Hardly



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That was so beautiful

"My problem is that I fall in love with words, rather than actions. I fall in love with ideas and thoughts, instead of reality. And it will be the death of me."

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An avalanche of tenderness…

"As women, we are taught to be tiny. To have small bodies, to never be imposing. The ideal of our gender are thin and childlike, hairless and dainty. We are defined by our bodies; defined by our control over them. We are taught to obsess over our physicality and to be repulsed by our desires and intelligences. We are taught to walk scared late at night. We cradle our keys between our perfectly manicured fingers, walking gracefully like a baby antelope in a herd of lions. That our virginity defines our character. That I am a frigid bitch if I do not fuck him, and a dirty slut if I do."

- Michelle K., The Truth About Growing Up A Woman 
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Paper forecast


Sex Education in American Public Schools

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  LA Confidential

But, the shoes…


word up

Whoopi’s face is like "I’m glad that lil’ white girl said it cuz you know what would happen if I did…"